17 July, 2018

Wharram Le Street safer roads campaign

Broughton Parish Clerk John Horsman has submitted the following correspondence for inclusion on our website (Notes for the meeting on 21st January 2014 are included at the foot):

A message from Wharram Parish Council followed by a press release they have issued.

Wharram Parish Council has been campaigning for a number of years for road safety improvements to the B1248 that runs through our village. To date the efforts of the council have been unsuccessful.

The tragic accident in November has reinforced the councils determination to make the B1248 safer for both residents of Wharram and users of the road. Our concern is that if this road is not made safer, one day an accident will happen within the village with potential tragic consequences to our villagers, particularly the children that congregate near the road to catch the school buses.

We are looking to put together a pressure group with the specific aim of campaigning for immediate improvements to the B1248 to make it safer and the general aim of reducing the number of deaths and injuries on roads in North Yorkshire. To kick start this process we are holding a public meeting in St Mary’s Church Wharram Le Street at 7.00pm on Tuesday 21 January 2014, to which anyone who uses the B1248 or has concerns relating to road safety in Ryedale District is invited.

A copy of the press release announcing the start if the campaign and inviting interested parties to the meeting is given below. May I please ask you to circulate it to your councillors and anyone else in your parish you feel may be interested in attending the meeting. Parishioners who cannot attend the meeting are also invited to leave their views on the campaigns Facebook page details of which are in the press release.

Thank you

Keith Simpson,  Parish Clerk



For many years Wharram Parish Council have been greatly concerned about the irresponsible driving and overtaking along the stretch of the B1248 between North Grimston and the Fimber roundabout.There have been a spate of serious accidents over these years and these have resulted in numerous fatalities.The terribly tragic accident in November only goes to highlight the appalling record of this stretch of road.

Although categorized as a B class road it is in fact .a t times,a busy arterial road carrying a range of heavy traffic.Those who regularly use the road consistently witness awful examples of reckless driving and are determined to see that more effective action is taken to safeguard the lives of the parishioners of Wharram and those of all responsible drivers who use the road.

To this end the parish council wish to build a pressure group that ensures all parties,particularly North Yorkshire County Council and the police,understand the situation must be addressed more effectively and they will ,if necessary,actively campaign for elected representatives who will forcefully put the case for road safety on this notoriously dangerous stretch of North Yorkshire and Humberside road.

A meeting to discuss this situation is being arranged for Tuesday 21st January at 7.00p.m. to be held in Wharram le Street Parish Church.

A Facebook page has also been set up called “Make The B1248 SAFE” for concerned parties to give their comments

The council would urge anyone who feels strongly about this subject and is free to attend to come along to the meeting to voice their concerns or to use the Facebook page.


Notes re conduct of the meeting as provided:

This note has been prepared for attendees of the public meeting to provide:-

– a structure for the discussions at the meeting. It is not intended to be a detailed analysis of the problem but rather a high level summary.

– a framework to assist parishes and individuals attending the meeting to develop their thinking on possible ways forward to address the issues.


Nature of Issue

Road safety in North Yorkshire falls into two broad categories:-

– driving in excess of the speed limit.

– dangerous driving (undertaking at junctions, overtaking at inappropriate points on the road etc.)

These problems affect all roads in the county to a lesser or greater degree and it could be argued have resulted in the County’s roads being the most dangerous in the country. There are two sources of information that support this view:-

– The Association of British Insurers produced a report that showed that the parliamentary constituency of Thirsk and Malton had the highest incidence of youth road deaths in the country.

– cycling organisations have commented on the dangers to cyclists posed by rural roads in general and Yorkshire’s roads in particular.


 Types of Road in County. 

The roads in North Yorkshire can be classified into four main categories:-

– A roads such as the A 64. Highways have focused on these roads over recent years. Although any enforcement actions should apply to them also, they do not need as much attention as other types of roads in the county.

– B Roads such as the B1248 that are main trunk routes and carry heavy volumes of traffic.

– Rural roads through villages. These roads have lower volumes of traffic and lower average road speeds than B roads such as the B1248.

– Roads through towns and large villages that can be broadly classified as urban.

Although issues relating to road safety are generic to all types of roads in the county, there is not a one size fits all solution to road safety in the county. Different types of roads require different solutions. Road calming measures that are effective for roads classified as urban (road humps, chicanes etc.) will not work on roads such as the B1248.


 Issues Affecting The Development of Solutions

– North Yorkshire Police have not in the past taken effective action to address road safety issues in the County. It is only recently that they have deployed mobile speed cameras on Yorkshire’s roads.

– There is no infrastructure in North Yorkshire (fixed position speed cameras, video cameras at junctions, etc.) on which to build an enforcement strategy. There appears to have been a reluctance in the past to invest in fixed position speed cameras as the installation and running costs are borne by the County and the fines collected are paid to the Treasury.

There is evidence that suggests that where such investment has been made, road deaths have fallen.

– In these times of austerity the pressure group will be competing for scare resources with other vested interest groups.

– Accidents and their causes, together with discussion of speed issues are undertaken by a committee of various agencies (police, fire service, highways etc.) that are involved in road accidents. This committee do not appear to publish reports for review by Parishes of their discussions.

– There is no agreed set of criteria between parishes, district and county councils that allow assessments of road safety issues to be made in a way that is acceptable to all parties.


 Possible Strategies For Pressure Group

Given the above the following is suggested as possible ways forward:-

– A petition to the police and NYCC demanding that more effective action is taken to address speeding and dangerous driving in the county.

– Pressure for a criteria acceptable to parishes and to be used by NYCC when making decisions on road safety.

– Pressure to effect the installation of fixed point speed cameras to reduce speeding and video cameras to catch dangerous drivers.

– A campaign for a more visible police presence on non-A roads to act as a deterrent

– Liaison with other authorities such as Humberside Police and East Riding Council Attendance.

The meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

However, it would help us to plan seating etc. if Parish Councils who plan to send representative could advise us of the number of people attending. Thank you for your support. Wharram Parish Council






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