25 June, 2017

B1257 road works – costs etc.

£1 + million for repairs.

Over £1 million was spent on the carriageway surfacing works which closed sections of the B1257 between Malton and Hovingham for several weeks during March and April in 2013.

Further closures can be expected sometime in the summer (end June/July 2013) to allow for surface dressing… also known as tar and chip.

Some areas of road need patching before the 2013 surface dressing programme starts. A NYCC Highways spokesperson said this will mainly be from “the western outskirts of Barton Le Street through Slingsby to the finish of the latest surfacing works at Fryton cross roads and a couple of additional patches between Wath and Hovingham.”

Total costs for work, including that yet to be done,  are £1.165 million………..see below for the breakdown.

During the initial works only sections at Barton Le Street were closed to traffic, and then only between 6pm and midnight. Other sections were managed with traffic lights and sometimes with the addition of a convoy vehicle.

Part of the current works aim to address the worst parts of the carriageway where standing water occurs. The spokesperson also explained that many of the manholes and gullies that were reset were left over the Easter period so the tarmac could be placed around the ironworks in one long section. This is because it is difficult to get small quantities of hot material for such small works.

Costs of the works are split between two financial years:

Costs for 2012/13

Amotherby Crossroad £55K

Appleton Le Street to Malton Patching £110K

Appleton Le Street to Barton Le Street £65K

Barton Le Street £250K

Hovingham to Fryton £135K

Costs for 2013/14

Additional patching Hovingham to Slingsby £150K

Surface Dressing (SD) between B1257 Hovingham and Malton will cost £400K.

Surface Dressing seals all the patching achieving a longer life out of the road. But it will not be used through the built up areas of villages.

Total materials used for the roadworks is about 25,000m2 or 13,469m3 (31,700tonnes of tarmac)

There are 1000 miles of road in Area 4 (District of Ryedale) with NYCC receiving 21p per square metre to maintain them each year. Each square metre of tarmac costs approx. £25 per square metre to lay depending on specification according to a ten-years old calculation.

Roads are assessed by the central surveying team and each scheme goes up against all other schemes in North Yorkshire. A points tally depends on classification of road, and number of vehicles using it. The “whole-life costs” of the road is also taken into consideration. Sometimes a road which may not look cosmetically bad is re-surfaced because underneath its structural integrity is in question. If left it would cost much more to repair in the long term.

The spokesperson expalined that Barton Le Street is seen as being difficult from a Traffic Management viewpoint as it requires a road closure involving a long diversion route. Trying to keep noise down for local residents (hence 6pm to 12pm working only) increased the cost by nearly 40%. It’s series of blind bends and hills, together with its poor state of repair and the failing structural integrity of the road through some of its length was seen as warranting the extensive repairs.

Road closures are much more common now because if the road is less than 7.5m wide then usually the road has to be closed to protect the workforce – many contractors will refuse on Health & Safety grounds to work on the road without one! Note that with the exception of A & B roads nearly all Ryedale’s roads are less than 7.5m!

Below this section appears the original two pieces to alert local residents of what was then the forthcoming road works.

This section first published 08.03.13

Road works on the B1257 between Hovingham and Malton are expected to last from the 14th until 31st March.

The only road closure will be at Barton-Le-Street and only in the evenings between 6pm and midnight for at least 7 nights.

Essential maintenance between Amotherby and Malton and from Slingsby to Hovingham will be managed with temporary traffic signals during daytime.

The proposed schedule shown below will be carried out weather permitting.

Barton-le-Street road closure

Barton-Le-Street works start on the 14th March 2013 finishing on the 27 March 2013 (10 working days but not weekends unless weather interrupts the programme). However it is hoped the work may be completed within 7/8 days.

Work on the Amotherby, Swinton, Broughton and Malton section begins on the 18th March 2013 and will be carried out between 8am and 5pm.

Likewise work on the Hovingham, Fryton and Slingsby section takes place between 8am and 5pm, starting on the 25th March 2013.

Properties directly affected by the roadworks should receive hand-delivered letters (see B1257 road works letter March 2013) with copies of the letters being sent to parish councils along the route.

Information boards will be displayed along the route in advance of the start date to advise motorists of the imminent works and to allow for additional journey times.

NYCC Highways apologises for the disruption which is inevitable but give assurances that every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum with vehicular access to properties maintained whenever possible.

For further information please see the North Yorkshire CC website.  Wherever possible any changes or urgent further information relating to these closures will be posted on this website.


Legal notice on post March 2013

A legal notice is displayed on the Give Way sign at the top of Main Street.

A photograph is re-produced here – please note, the notice is a legal Legal notice March 2013requirement.

It does NOT mean that the road will be closed for the entire length from Malton to Hovingham throughout the entire time.

Clicking on the photo(s) opens another page.

Click on the photo on this page and the notice will be easy to read.
The following was published 24.02.2013.

arriageway surfacing works means that sections of the B1257 between Malton and Hovingham are to be closed for periods during 3 weeks in March 2013 and again later in the summer.

Work is scheduled for between 11th March 2013 and 28th March 2013. Length of time of closures varies from 10 days down to only 3 days.

Further closures can be expected sometime in the summer to allow for surface dressing.

No 4 Area Highways promises that pedestrian access to affected premises will be maintained at all times with vehicular access maintained “whenever possible”.

At this stage Highways have not stated if there will be diversions – further information will be posted on this website as soon as it becomes available.

The initial list outlining the number of days for each section is attached as a B1257_2013_closure_list (1st)

AGW 2013


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