9 April, 2020

Cycling campaign

Campaigns are afoot to improve cycling routes in the Ryedale area.

Details of a public meeting helding earlier this year (2014) in Pickering are given below.  The information is supplied by Helen Gundry (Raising Cycling in Ryedale Group & Kirkbymoorside Environment Group) and is a direct lift from text provided by her.

Future details provided by Helen will be posted on a new page attached to this one which acts as an introduction.

The following is the text as provided (with a little editing to highlight and replace punction lost during the “lifting”):


Following on from the Public Meeting on 30th September in Pickering, here is a summary of the meeting and the next steps.

Present:- Andrew Hague (Husthwaite), Rupert Douglas (Sustrans), Paul Hepworth (CTC York), Peter Oxley, (Cyclist, Pickering), Craig Nattress (RDC
Tourism), Brian Baker & Stephen Jenson (Pickering TC), Helen Gundry (Kirkbymoorside EnvGrp), Mike Hawtin (Pickering, tourist accom),
Mike Potter (Scarb Cycle Racing Club, Pickering Civic Society, Tourist Accom) William Oxley (Pickering TC, tourist accom), Mike Chapman
(Pickering cyclist), Ena Dent (Rosedale, Tourism North Yorkshire), Roger Hudson (Sinnington PC), Andy MacDonald (Luttons PC)
Antony Crosser (Cyclist, Norton TC) Erica Rose & Steve Skelton (Helmsley Cyclists), Ian Squires (Big Bear Bikes) Matthew Enticknap
(Malton Wheelers), Tim & Sandra Boardman (Pickering walkers), Jill Gardner (Pickering)
Many thanks to all who contributed to the meeting. If anyone’s name is missing from the list above, please let Helen Gundry know at RyedaleTown&CountryTrails@outlook.com.

Apologies were received from Jean Kershaw (Helmsley Arts Centre), Mike Skehan (Malton TC), Victoria Ellis (Helmsley TC), Paul Roberts & Melanie Farnham (NYCC Highways), Glyn Wilde (Cyclist, Swinton), Ruth Wass (Sinnington PC/farmer/holiday cottages)

The maps sessions at the Public Meeting were really useful and produced a network of possible route combinations for local use, long distance routes, and routes to join up the 5 market Towns of Ryedale. Some are routes which require signage only, others will involve upgrading existing paths, some are on private land and will require careful negotiation, others on NYCC Highway verges. Some sections are tricky and need further discussion with local parishes, cyclists and others.

Other points raised included:-

The achievements of Sustrans nationally, having 14,500 miles of National Cycle network. The far-reaching health benefits of getting more people to cycle regularly, and the impact of this on reducing demands on the Health Authorities. The lack of NCN routes in Ryedale. Sustrans and Ryedale District Council are working together on a possible route from Malton to Pickering. Surfaces of routes can vary according to levels of usage; NYCC Highways are unlikely to maintain any path that is not tarmac, but in some locations there may be a case for establishing a route with a low-cost surface, and then upgrading later.

The need to manage dual use of “green routes”, in a flexible way according to different sections. In some places cyclists/ pedestrians/dog walkers/horse riders can mix, but in other situations there are difficulties and the groups need to be more physically separated. Sustrans is interested in enabling people to have “green” travel choices. Sensible signage helps strangers to find there way around, and, on roads, can alert vehicle drivers to the increased likelihood of meeting cycles around the next bend. Tourists may like meandering routes, but people who cycle to work want direct routes. People new to cycling need easier routes.

Some accommodation providers are already switched on to the needs of cycle-tourists, others need encouragement and information. The Market Towns can be access points into Ryedale and the National Park. Other organisations such as English Heritage and the National Trust can also be partners, and signs along the routes can help visitors to get to local attractions.

The potential for cyclists to arrive by train at Malton or York; there are some of the barriers such as lack of space on the trains, and CTC are working with train operators to try to improve this. Folding bikes such as Bromptons can be taken on trains as luggage and are great to ride.
There are already some good leaflets, booklets and websites with information for visitors and locals, and plenty of potential to develop this. About half of Ryedale is National Park or AOONB. Much of the district is attractive to cyclists, either easy riding or more hilly. News is awaited about the route of the next big cycling event, the 2015 Tour de Yorkshire. Discussions are already underway with the Highways Agency about A64 crossings.

(Was anything else mentioned that should be noted here? If so, please let Helen know at the afore-mentioned email address.)

Gathering Momentum

It has been suggested that the Raising Cycling in Ryedale Group would be a suitable group to oversee the further development of the whole network of routes for Ryedale. This group already has participation of some Town and Parish Councils, Sustrans, CTC (Cycle Touring Club), some local cycle shops, the National Park Authority, NYCC Highways, Forest Enterprise, Ryedale District Council.

The Raising Cycling in Ryedale Group generally meets on Tuesdays in the daytime. If you would like to be involved but cannot do Tuesday daytimes, please contact Helen to discuss how you can be involved.

This group has existed as an informal forum for discussion since 2011, with some people attending in a paid capacity from some of the above organisations, and others as volunteers. Thus far, it has not implemented any projects as a group, though individual participants have been heavily involved in events, routes and promotion. It also is focused on cycling, so would need to broaden its focus to get the necessary community support for some of the Ryedale Town and Country routes. Also, it has tended to meet during the day which has suited participants, but could include some evening meetings to involve others.

The next steps that we now need to make progress with are:-

2a. To agree a stage-one map of where some long distance cycle routes through Ryedale could go
(by pulling together the ideas written on the maps at the Public meeting).

2c. To agree outline routes for joining the 5 towns, sensitive to the likelihood that landowner and Parish Council
negotiations will be required for some sections. (by pulling together the ideas written on the maps at the Public Meeting)

2b. To form working groups for each route, to include Town/Parish representation,
cyclists and other interest groups, and people with organizing skills. (a number of people have indicated their interest in helping, but
we could do with a few more)

2e. To identify which Parishes and Towns are requesting help to make progress with shorter local
routes that don’t initially seem to fit into the longer routes or link the 5 towns. To identify a working
group to assist with each case. (There may be more added to this list as word spreads)

2f To start to approach key players who need to be encouraged to support the “big
picture”. To identify who can undertake to engage various of these key players.

The slightly longer-term aims are:-

3d. Organise a public exhibition featuring all the routes. Because of the size of Ryedale, and because
at least 18% of Ryedale households don’t have cars, a mobile exhibition would be preferred that
can visit most of the Parishes and all 5 towns, so that as many people as possible have the chance
to see it, comment, and (we hope) indicate their support

3e Organise construction drawings, safety audits, planning permissions and were required. Grant
funding may need to be identified for some of these tasks. Quotes can be sort once all factors for
each section have been identified. The aim is to get all routes to the point where they are “shovel ready”,
at least, and hope to combine smaller pots of funding to achieve cheaper objectives such as route signs
or very short sections of paths.

3f. Submit vision document, costings appraisal and business plan to grant awarding organisations

I am happy to act as contact person for the time being. I’m busy, so bear with me if you don’t get an immediate response!

Helen Gundry,
Raising Cycling in Ryedale Group &
Kirkbymoorside Environment Group

4 Tinley Garth,
North Yorkshire,
YO62 6AR

01751 432447 07960160130




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