24 July, 2021


Most of us spend time in our gardens, many because we enjoy it, others because they feel they have to!

Hopefully over the years this section will prove of interest to one and all, whatever your gardening experience.

Our expert gardeners give their time and expertise freely.  Their monthly tips and advice are split into seasonal sections – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – which hopefully makes it easier to navigate.  From 2013 we are changing the format slightly so that we will have a regular “choice plant of the month” as well as tips on vegetable and fruit gardening.

They are happy to tackle your gardening questions and love a challenge.

Speak to them face to face, use the the speak your mind section at the foot of each page, or, if you prefer to remain annoymous,  use the Contact the Web Editor option under the Contact Us menu.  This also allows your question together with the reply to be added under the section devoted to questions and answers.  

Please use the special sub-menu for gardening you can see above to access all our gardening content.

 Happy gardening.