24 August, 2019

October 2012

Jonathan Piercy’s tips and advice:

1. Japanese Onion Sets and Autumn Sowing Broad Beans can be planted in the vegetable garden. Garlic Bulbs can be planted out in well drained soil or in a well vented cold frame.

2. Turf can be laid and existing lawns repaired with a top dressing of fine soil if required.

3. Apples are now ready for picking and grease bands can be applied to apple trees.

4. Plant out bulbs for spring flowering.


Frost warning:



6. Bring under glass fuchsias, geraniums and any plants that require frost protection.

7. Tie in climbers and any plants that require support from the winter winds.

8. Herbaceous plants can be pruned, lifted and divided if required.

9. Raise the lawn mower blades to avoid close cutting during the autumn season.

10. Frost protection can be applied to any tender plants within the borders.



Jonathan Piercy


Unfortunately there is no article this month from our other expert, Peter Blackburne-Maze.



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