21 September, 2019

September 2012

Jonathan Piercy gives us his tips for September

Jonathan Piercy (AGW 2011)


1. Early apples will be ready for picking.

2. Plant out Japanese onion sets for overwintering.

3. Divide perennials that have become too large, or for propagation.

4. If your pumpkins and squashes have survived the wet summer, raise them off the ground on a upturned plant pot to ripen.

5. Take cuttings of tender perennials so you will have some plants next year.

6. Keep dead heading roses, perennials and bedding plants to keep colour going into the autumn.

7. Sow green manure on the vegetable garden.

Sweet williams – a favourite with bees and butterfies.


8. Plant out spring bedding wallflowers, sweet williams and primulas.

9. Plant out autumn planting bulbs over the next 2 months.

10. Prune blackberries and hybrid berries once you have picked the fruit.

11. Lift your onions now and dry them well for winter storage.



Unfortunately we do not have an article by Peter Blackburne-Maze for this month.

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