12 April, 2021

Our gardening experts

Garden experts
Broughton’s gardening experts Peter Blackburne-Maze (left) and Jonathan Piercy (AGW 2011)

Two Broughton residents, both professional gardeners, have kindly agreed to provide a monthly gardening spot for our website.

Our gardening experts are Jonathan Piercy who works with a well known nurseryman in Pickering,  and Peter Blackburne-Maze, who has a wealth of knowledge, especially about soft fruit, but now is “sort of retired”.

Peter  is writing  articles for us, while Jonathan  has offered to provide monthly tips.   Both are happy to tackle questions from Broughton residents only.

These can be sent in via the Contact Us page using the contact form for the web editor. Please say if you wish to have your name added or prefer to stay anonymous.

Using the Speak your Mind section will not give anonymity.

We cannot guarantee how quickly the answers will appear.

Questions are posed at “owners risk” and there is no come back if the answer does not solve the problem!

Advice generally is given with the best of intentions.

Those giving  the tips accept no liability whatsoever.

Jonathan Piercy

Jonathan says gardening has been part of his life for as long as he can remember.

He has worked within horticulture in Ryedale for over 20 years, having contact with nurserymen all over the country.

“One thing is for sure we are all learning something new every day and don’t despair you are never too old to start,” he commented.

Peter Blackburne-Maze

Peter Blackburne-Maze has a formiddable list when it comes to achievments.  Google his name and you will find several  links.  An article based on notes  provided by Peter is even featured on the Ryedale District Council website.  You can also find an article on him at http://www.nuvar.net/uk/default.asp?rub=4&srub=2# .

Peter has spent more than ten years commercial fruit growing; he has at at least 45 years experience overall!  He is member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Fruit and Vegetable Committee and is the past Chairman of RHS Fruit Group Committee.

He spent four years in nursery and ornamental horticulture, including glasshouses; eleven years horticultural advisory in the agrochem. industry.

He has been a self-employed Horticultural Consultant and Writer since 1978,  and  is the author of nearly 20 books covering most aspects of gardening.  He has written or is still writing  for Kitchen Garden, The Garden, Country Life, RHS Journal, Garden Answers, Garden News etc.

Peter is a founder Member of the Garden Media Guild (formerly Garden Writers Guild).

He is also a RHS. judge (including Chelsea, Harrogate, Malvern, Tatton Park, Holker Hall) and a Fellow of the Institute of Horticulture.

Experienced in most branches of horticulture,  he says “but do not ask me anything about water gardening!”

AGW 2011