21 September, 2019

Spring tips and advice

Sophie Cluderay, aged 22 months, gets a feel for Spring.


March, April and May are the three months featured in this section… months which can swing from days akin to a summer’s day to those which take us back to winter.


Once again we have timely tips form Jonathan Piercy and wise words from Peter Blackburne-Maze.


Both are keen to help gardeners with a problem by answering their questions – one way of doing this is to send your query via this website to the web editor (see the Contacts Page).


Primroses – typical spring flowers. In the foreground is a native primrose which has self-seeded immediately behind creating a pink-colour multi-headed plant after crossing with a primula.

Each month’s article is attached to this page – a quick way of accessing them is to use the quick link by clicking on the months below.

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