24 August, 2019

July 2011

Whitefly magnified many times

Garden experts

Peter Blackburne-Maze (left) and Jonathan Piercy

Peter’s Advice

One Whitefly Can Be A Potential Nightmare For Greenhouse Gardeners.
Research shows that, if you spot just one whitefly in your greenhouse this summer and you are looking forward to a lovely crop of tomatoes, peppers or aubergines – don’t count your chickens . . . . That one bug could, in eight weeks, lead to more than a million offspring.
Whitefly lay their eggs on the underside of leaves and these hatch out into minute scales that immediately begin feeding on the sap of the host plant until they turn into adult whitefly 2-3 weeks later.
What would that lot do to your tomatoes? My only comment is that I always thought it would take two; or are they capable of virgin birth; or perhaps they are hermaphroditic?
However, a fairly new insecticide, called Provado Ultimate Bug Killer, will provide long-lasting protection against the little brutes, both in the greenhouse and outdoors. There is also a predator, Encarsia formosa, which, naturally, is very effective in a greenhouse but it controls nothing else, whereas the insecticide also controls greenfly, blackfly, mealybug, scale insect and woolly aphids.
The insecticides provide both contact and systemic protection against all whitefly stages ensuring both rapid and long-lasting results. What is more, one application will provide up to six weeks protection.
And remember, the breeding potential of whitefly, aphids etc. is phenomenal; so don’t hang about once you see them.
Peter Blackburne-Maze.

Jonathan’s tips

1. Dead head shrubs and roses that repeat flower to keep producing new blooms.
2. If required shade your greenhouse to prevent overheating.
3. Order your Autumn planting bulbs.
4. July is a good month to view rose blooms ready to order your bushes for the Autumn planting season.
5. Feed Spring flowering shrubs to ensure good blooms next year.
6. Keep liquid feeding your hanging baskets and any pots with annuals in them.
Jonathan Piercy

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