21 September, 2019

Winter tips and advice

Peter admires the wintry look

As these four months do not always encourage us out into our gardens, the regular tips and advice are given in two-monthly tranches – November and December and then January and February.

Our expert Peter Blackburne-Maze took time to admire his Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ,  ‘Summer Snow’ when it was covered in the real stuff!

In a good, sunny position, the tips of the new growth are whitish, rather than the usual green giving the conifer it’s unusual name.

While Peter takes a look at a variety of subjects, including keeping those cyclamen presents and keeping your tools clean,  our other expert  Jonanthan Piercy continues with his timely tips and advice on what you should be doing in your gardens to make the most of the current season.

Exactly when winter turns into spring is a favourite topic among gardeners.

For many the snowdrop is a winter flowering bulb while others see it as heralding spring.

Likewise the hellebore…. some see it as a winter flower, others as a spring flower.

But it successfully straddles both seasons with different varities providing a long flowering season.

The snow rose,  also known as the Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger) has become a symbol of the Christian faith.  It is the earliest to flower, although not always in time for Father Christmas!

Jonathan with hellebores

Later flowering varities,  which tend to be pinkish or even a darker purple, are more commonly known as the Lenten Rose ( Helleborus Orientalis)  as they flower during the period of Lent – so again are a symbol of the Christian faith.

Single petal varieties generally are bee-friendly and often happily seed themselves. The variety of colours can vary widely from dark purples to pale pinks.

There are many other varieties, so the gardener need never be bored with this plant!

From March we will be back to our monthly tips and advice.

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