29 February, 2020

Community Messaging

Messages appearing on this page are also forwarded by the clerk to the Parish meeting but are concerned with the community rather than crime.

June 3rd 2015

Julia Mulligan Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and Chair of the National Rural Crime Network

Help us protect rural areas – give us your views on policing and crime

The largest ever survey into crime and anti-social Behaviour (ASB) in rural areas has been launched in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to find out how the police can better serve rural communities.

The survey, launched by the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN), is calling for anyone living or working in rural areas to take part in the survey to help build a picture of what is a widespread but often misunderstood issue.

You don’t need to have been a victim of crime to have a view on how the police work. You may be concerned about police visibility or response, see incidents that go unreported, or you may have a local officer who is engaged and proactive.

The survey, which is taking place with support from the Home Office, aims to build a body of information to improve national awareness of crime in rural areas as well as provide a clearer picture of attitudes towards crime to help inform government and local policy.

To complete the survey please visit:

Please also publicise the survey by sharing this message and displaying
the attached poster wherever possible (see link below)

Thank you very much for your help and support.

Julia Mulligan

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