29 February, 2020

Safer Neighbourhood Notices

Below are notices issued by Safer Neighbourhood.

Where the notices are jpegs they appear as pictures.  Please click on these to take you to a larger photo.  It may be you need to click on this photo as well to get to a full screen picture.

Alternately the notices might be pdfs in which case please click on the highlighted words. This takes you to another page where you once again have to click on the highlighted word.

June 2015

Malton and Norton Community and Police Committee Meeting have a guest speaker from the Cambridge Centre talking about drug awareness at their meeting being held on Thursday 18th June.  Starting at 7pm the meeting is being held at Ryedale District Council.  Everyone, of whatever age, is welcome.  To see the poster click on the highlighted words SMLT-Parade15050315240 June Meeting.

 October 2013

Efforts to combat theft of tack has prompted the police to run a Saddle Stamping Campaign. It includes bridles etc.

There are three stamping sessions, on the 26th October 2013 and then the 19th and 22nd of November 2013.   For details of where to go, please click on the Police saddle stamping which has three posters, one  each for the different dates.  The posters are below one another.


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