22 October, 2020

Table Tennis League Players

Swinton Reading Rooms is the home venue for three table tennis teams, two who compete in the York & District League and one in the Ryedale League.

 Coneysthorpe A and Coneysthorpe B are both in the top Division 1 of the York & District League. These names must appear to be a misnomer as they play at Swinton not at Coneysthorpe. The reason for this is historical. When a team from Coneysthorpe first entered the York & District League back in the mid-1970’s they played at Coneysthorpe Village Hall. Gradually over the years the club expanded into having at one time three York League teams, and Swinton became a more realistic alternative venue, having better facilities. For historical reasons, however, the name Coneysthorpe remains.(To add to the confusion there is a Coneysthorpe team who play in the Ryedale League who are based at Coneysthorpe).

 The Coneysthorpe A team, whose home night is Thursday, consist of two players from Scarborough and one from Norton. They won the Division 1 championship for the first time in the 2009/10 season, and are well on the way to repeating the feat in 2010/11. Last season their players finished second, third and sixth in the League averages.

 Coneysthorpe A also entered the Yorkshire Clubs Veterans Championships this season, and have every prospect of reaching the final.

 The Coneysthorpe B team, home night Tuesday, are also in Division 1 of the York League. Obviously they are not as good as the A team, and they struggle somewhat to maintain their Division 1 staus, which they have managed to do successfully so far thanks to a mixture of determination and skill. The pool of five players who represent the B team come from Kirkbymoorside (2), Muston, Rillington and York.

 The team in the Ryedale League, home night Monday, hardly surprisingly, is actually called Swinton, and they play in Division 1. Again the standard is quite high, and they usually finish in the top three or four of the League, Of the four players who represent Swinton, one is from Malton, one from Norton, one from Rillington and one from Swinton.

 It can be seen from the above how important the Swinton Reading Rooms is for table tennis in the area, Not only is it gratifying to know that the play which takes place there is of a very good quality, but also that the income derived from the sport helps to safeguard the future of this important facility.

 Charles Allenby , Secretary, Coneysthorpe (York League) Table Tennis Club based at Swinton (01653-694648).

AGW 2011