6 May, 2021

Swinton Reading Rooms

Swinton Reading Rooms was originally built as a school room but is now a community hall for use by Broughton as well as Swinton residents.

Broughton Parish Meeting gave £2,000 towards a refurbishment which included fitting a disabled access. It was given partly because the Reading Rooms are used a lot by villagers, especially young families using Swinton Playgroup which based in here. The Playgroup which was given a £6 donation from Broughton Parish Meeting in 1979 when it was formed

The Reading Rooms are also used for table tennis and by a local dyslexia group. Further there is a full size snooker table and the Management Committee is hoping a snooker club will be re-launched as well as perhaps a youth club/activity group.

The Rooms are also available for private hire and are especially suited for children’s parties. Volunteers run and maintain the Rooms helping to keep down hiring charges. Volunteers and those willing to sit on the Management Committee are always welcome, especially a representative from Broughton. There are usually 1 or 2 meetings a year and an annual get together to do a good clean and maintenance.

Swinton Reading Rooms once formed part of the Behrens estate and were being used as a community hall before being given to the village in 1980 by Colonel William Edward Boaz Behrens for continued use for community benefit.

Current charges are:

£4 per hour for the main hall

£2 for the snooker room

£10 for children’s parties.

Anyone interested in hiring the hall, joining the Reading Rooms Committee or otherwise taking an active part is asked to contact secretary Dianne Illingworth on 01653 697548.

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