20 October, 2019

Discuss and Chit Chat

This section is for either more formal discussions, your feedback, and a general chit-chat page which features very informal items locals wish to contribute.

Contribute by either using the Contact Us section or personally alerting the web-editor.

Please add your comments on either parish matters and the way the parish is run,  this website or any other matter pertinent to Broughton.

Compliments as well as criticism are welcome.

Alerts re inaccuracies and links that fail are also appreciated.  But please look under under Errors first as efforts may already be underway to rectify the problem.

Please first take time to read the Guidelines.

Please also remember I am a one-person band.  I am unlikely to be able to check for comments every day, so there may be a delay before your comment appears.

The very first post is from the Web Developer and as Web Editor I much appreciate his comment.

AGW 2013

Speak Your Mind