20 October, 2019

Village Chit chat

This page is devoted to those short items locals wish to communicate with others.  Please use the contact us section or alert the web-editor personally.

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 White cat missing from Broughton.  Now Found

CrystalA distraught Broughton family, including six children, are searching for their much loved cat who went missing over the weekend of 9/10 April.  She has been with the family since the age of 8 weeks and has never gone missing before. She is spayed.

Crystal is pure white, semi long-haired and very timid. The family asks everyone to check their garden sheds and garages in case she has got locked in.

If  seen, please ring the family on 691972 (Malton code, 01653).  There is also a notice on the village noticeboard.

Crystal back home

Crystal’s family are delighted with the safe arrival back home of their beloved pet. She was very dusty and no longer white and smelt as if she had been in a farm barn.  She was also very hungry and thirsty.

“Happy isn’t the word. We were crying tears of joy! All our family are over the moon” said Mum. “She spent most of the day following us around purring, having cuddles and sleeping.

Thank you very much for all your help. Such a good outcome in the end.”



Thank you for found wallet.

Our gardening expert Peter Blackburne-Maze says:

Before I start on the gardening bit, I would like to thank, most sincerely, the very kind person who found my wallet and popped it though our letter-box one Sunday evening a few weeks ago.  I’d have liked to thank them personally but, characteristically, they scuttled away before I had a chance.

Thank you so much.

Needless to say, there wasn’t a thing missing from it. It restores one’s faith in human nature and reminded me that the vast majority of people and good, honest folk.

Thank you again so very much. If I knew who you were, I’d buy you a pint, or several!

(April 2013).


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