24 August, 2019

NYCC e-newsletter

NYCC e-newsletter for North Yorkshire


North Yorkshire County Council is launching a new way of getting its latest news to residents – an e-newsletter. Look at the poster on the left for further details.


When subscribing you are able to select the areas in which you are interested… for example, you might not be interested in education but want to know about social care.


The newsletter will be delivered monthly via your email box and eventually it is hoped it will be targeted to reflect the different regions within the county.


For a long time North Yorkshire County Council provided a newsletter delivered through everyone’s letterbox.


The hard copy newsletter was dropped as a cost-saving measure needed because of the financial cut-backs after the Government reduced the amount of funding provided for local authorities.


For those who do not want this e-newsletter to arrive direct, the full newsletter can be viewed on line from our website.  A full year’s links will be kept only.


To view the current e-newsletters follow these links – to see the newsletter please click on the underlined dates.  The latest newsletters are at the top of the page.


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For further information visit North Yorkshire County Council’s website or telephone on 01609 533109.

The website address is:


To go straight to the subscribe page see below the poster for the full address:


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