18 September, 2021

Street Party 1990

These photos were all provided by Sue Sleightholme.  They are marked with the date 1990 and clearly are based in the Manor Park area.  Is this the correct year or were these photos taken much earlier?  If 1990 what was the celebration?   Any queries re these photos please contact Sue on 01653  693779 or contact the web editor by using the contact facility on this website.





Barbecue chefs from the left:  Laurie Thackray and Bruce Watson

Helpers are from the left are: Anna Horsman and John Horsman






Toasting the chefs are from the left: 

Mary Bayes, Linda Richardson, Janet Cook and Tracey Cook.







Seated at table foreground on left:  Unknown woman talking to Mrs Rene Lund.

Centre:  Jean Hepplethwaite (at rear), Chris Hinds (sitting on chair)

Picnic table:  Paul and Christine Caston on picnic table

Table on rear right:  Peter and Margaret Clark






Table on the left:  Richard and Mandy Prest;  Jean and Lynn Hepplethwaite (seated foreground);   Mrs Beaver standing  (in red); unknown lady in blue.

Table on right:  Peter Clark on roadside facing Margaret Clark;  Brian and Mary Bayes; Linda Richardson and Janet Cook.





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