20 September, 2021

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Why a website

Local Government Participation



Broughton Parish website is your website


Errors and Problems

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Websites for other villages

Why a website?

Partly to comply with the ethos of open government and being part of the Local Government family which includes publishing the actions of the Parish Meeting.

To principally provide a “mouthpiece” and become the “ears” of the “formal Parish Meeting”, providing easy access to minutes and other parish correspondence. It is also an important tool for the Parish Meeting to provide residents with up-to-date information from both North Yorkshire County Council and Ryedale District Council.

To provide an historical record for Broughton.

Also to provide a newsletter for our village and hopefully to make us feel more of a community.

Local Government participation

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires public authorities to have an approved publication scheme, which is a means of providing access to information which an authority proactively publishes.

Since then further initiatives for open government have been driven by central government including the 2011 legislation forcing councils to publish expenditure over £500. The legislation applies to all public bodies, not just local authorities.

All local councils are a tier of local government. Over several years central government has given incentives to local authorities to “get on-line” and encourage their residents to use on-line services. This not only allows different authorities to communicate more directly with each other, but also provides direct links between local authorities and government departments. The Government has its own information website, www.gov.uk.

Local authorities were grant-aided for a number of years to help them set up their websites. Now they are trying to encourage parishes into the “on-line government family” by hosting websites for parishes.

Ryedale District Council is hosting Broughton’s parish website. This means we get both the site and advice on how to set it up, and run it, for free. But the actual setting up and running is down to the parish itself. Some parishes prefer instead to turn to the private sector for help in getting their websites established.

“Helping parishes was part of the deal because parishes did not get any money direct from the Government,” explained Clare Slater, Head of Transformation at Ryedale District Council.

“We offer the space to have a website for free as well as providing someone to give advice on how to set it up and run it, also for free.

“Parishes are part of the local government family. It’s not only beneficial for parishes to have their own websites, but also an advantage to Ryedale District Council for parishes to have their own websites, as this can be a way for us to get information on what a parish needs.”

Although a parish website hosted by Ryedale District Council is a totally separate website, its use is subject to the approval of Ryedale District Council.

At parish level the website is seen as an alternative to a parish newsletter. It also can be seen as an earpiece to enable communication between the formal parish meeting or parish council and its parishioners. But as not everyone is computer literate or has their own computer, the parish noticeboard still holds an important place for providing information, including agendas and minutes.

Therefore primarily our parish website is the mouthpiece of Broughton Parish Meeting. It provides additional safe storage for important parish documents such as minutes, plus ensuring their preservation so that one day they become the archives for future generations.

But we are allowed to use the site to piggy-back other community/parish information and activities. However we are not allowed to do some things, for example, run a commercial side to it such as selling advertising space.


This site is managed on a voluntary basis by Gill Woodhead on behalf of Broughton Parish.

Every reasonable effort is taken to ensure that material presented on this site is accurate and up to date.

Broughton Parish Meeting cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting directly or indirectly from your use of the information on this website, or from your failing to find errors or omissions in the information on this website.

A number of sites are linked from this website and the Parish Meeting accepts no liability for opinions expressed in such web pages nor for the accuracy, suitability or usefulness of information, held on those sites.

The right is reserved not to publish material which is considered to be offensive or promotes unlawful activities.

Anyone concerned about any content should use the Contact Us forms to alert the web editor who can then remove unsuitable material.


Broughton Parish Meeting undertakes not to share any e-mail addresses of correspondents with any other organisation/person without explicit permission.

This permission would be implied should the situation arise were correspondence has to be passed to a third party for attention or action, such as a statutory authority, unless a specific request is made to remove the correspondent’s details.  This situation is more likely to arise where someone uses the Contact Us form to contact the parish clerk.

In the event of the Web Editor receiving correspondence considered to be a matter for the attention of the Parish Clerk, this will be forwarded to the Parish Clerk,  or if necessary,  to the Parish Chairman.  However the Web Editor cannot be held responsible if no response is given, nor action taken by the clerk/chairman.

Broughton Parish Website is your website.

Our website has been made possible thanks to Ryedale District Council whose web manager has provided training and support. Everything that appears on our website is with the approval of RDC. Other parishes also have websites provided via their councils. Many others choose to go the “private route.”

I offered to “manage/ edit” the website on behalf of Broughton Parish. It was always the intention to broaden it so it would effectively become an historical record and a general village newsletter featuring items submitted by residents, such as the gardening advice.

As someone with very limited technical know-how, I am seriously restricted as to how “complicated” this website can become. Neither do I know anything about photography.  Anyone in Broughton with such knowledge and prepared to give some time, please do not be shy in coming forward with advice/guidance – whatever your age, you will be warmly welcomed!

To try and create some interest, and to start recording some historical date, I have taken a “skeleton” look at some of our oldest buildings as well as chronicling a potted history on some of those families with the oldest links. Much of the information, together with black and white photographs, has been provided by our older residents. Hopefully this side of the website will develop as memories are jogged and more old photos come to light.

A quick glance is also taken at for example, sporting activities –anyone interested in featuring the sport/sports club with which they are involved is invited to provide me with details. Likewise details of any other activities/interests etc.

Please do not wonder why you have not been featured.  Those in Broughton parish who want to be featured simply need provide me with information about families/their achievements/their memories etc. No-one will be left out if they want to be part of this venture.

How the website grows is down largely how those who live in the parish and how they want to see it develop. Hopefully this is just the start. For example, the website “noticeboard” could be used to find others in the village who share similar interests; perhaps there are dog-walkers who would enjoy the company of other dog-walkers; maybe someone is looking for a car-share, not just into work, but perhaps to a function/meeting. Or maybe you just want to have a grumble or raise an issue pertinent to the parish. This can be done on the discussion forum.

Above all, please make it YOUR website.


Where individuals have submitted articles their names appear at the end of the text.

Where photographs have been provided by residents their name is given in brackets in the caption, although sometimes the acknowledgement is given within the text on one of the pages.

Errors and Problems

Please do not hesitate to alert me about errors. I would much rather be given the chance to put them right than have people grumbling about the mistakes.

If a link is not working, please let me know.

Initially there were problems with getting photos to sit as desired on pages.  This was rectified but not until a number of pages were already set up.

Tips on using the site

Clicking on the main page name will in most cases bring up a page.

Hovering over the main page name will bring up a menu of other pages accesible via this page. Where there are a number of sub-pages, for example under the gardening heading which is found on the Community Page, there is a separate menu list which is found simply by clicking on the relevant name, in this case gardening.


Links within text could be links to other pages, to a PDF (in which case this will be stated) or to other websites. Some pages have additonal photographs posted on a separate page. There can be several links on one page that lead to the same set of photographs. All are accessed by clicking on the word(s) under which a line appears when the pointer/arrow is poisitoned over the word(s).


Where the files are in Portable Document Format (PDF) you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar PDF viewing software. A search engine will readily find sites from which there is usually a free download.

To access PDF files follow the link (see Links above) on the page. Clicking on this will open up a second page with another link which needs to be clicked to open the document. Once the document is opened the size of text can easily be adjusted via the button on the bar above the writing.


Click on a photo and in most cases it will open up a new page. Click on the photo on this page and it will open up a larger version of the photo. Please note – some photos are originally very small so cannot be viewed in a larger version.

Photos offered digitally for the website must be on a CD unless they have already been edited down to 75dpi with a max width or height (whichever is largest) of 600 pixels. Those provided on a CD can be edited by myself. Prints of photos can be scanned with the original photos being returned immediately if the owner is prepared to wait while the scanning takes place.

Websites for other villages

Information on the websites run by other villages may be of interest to those living in Broughton parish.


The Swinton website includes the village newsletter which highlights forthcoming events at venues such as the Swinton Reading Rooms and the BSA Sports Hall. There is a direct link to the newsletter.

Claxton and Sand Hutton parishes request a link to their site.






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