24 July, 2021

BT infinity cabinet

No doubts where the cabinet is sited!

Broughton is one of the first Ryedale villages to get faster broadband.

Tucked into the hedge back at the top of Main Street, the large green cabinet houses the fibre technology with links about 400 premises to the super-fast network that is four times faster than “normal” broadband.

A family can download a movie, watch a TV replay service, surf the net and play games online simultaneously.

The latest chart hit can be downloaded in around two seconds, a CD in 30 seconds and a feature length HD film in 10 minutes.

If you are running a business within the cabinet catchment area, it means access to big business speeds at much lower costs.


Speeds to double in Spring 2012

Faster upstream speeds boost flexible and remote working. Large graphic and video files can be sent immediately online. Also possible are high quality voice and video calls.

Inside the cabinet

Upload speeds are the fastest in the UK, allowing large videos and data files to be sent almost instantly and activities, such as uploading hi-resolution photos to Facebook, to be completed in seconds.

Known as Fibre to the cabinet technology (FTTC), it means BT currently offers download speeds of up to 40Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps.

Openreach recently announced it will roughly double these speeds in Spring 2012.


Looking at the workings


Broughton toddler three year old Kate Piercy was privileged to get a close up of working components of the 3ft by 4ft cabinet. Mum Claire was introduced to some of the finer points by BT Openreach complex engineer Stuart Beck.

They were snapped especially for the Broughton Parish website by BT photographer Sam Atkins.

He was also taking shots of engineers at work for a BT in-house newsletter.

The engineers were demonstrating the use of compressed air to blow the cable containing the 4 strands of different coloured fibre optic down a 5mm wide plastic tube.

Field manager Paul Alcorn explained that the fibre optic, which is covered in wax, and can be blown 1000-1200 metres down into cable already laid in the ground where it is welded together by a splicing machine.


Malton exchange to Broughton

No doubts where the cabinet is sited!

Demonstrating the compressor

The fibre optics are run from Malton Exchange to the cabinet which will supply all those with a telephone connection linked to the much smaller green cabinet sited on the opposite grass verge. Locals are well used to seeing engineers hunched over working on the wires held within.

Openreach offers network access to service providers on an open, wholesale basis.

You do not have to order the fibre products via BT. BT are investing £2.5 billion to make fibre broadband available to two-thirds of UK premises by the end of 2014.

Malton exchange has also been upgraded to our enhanced copper service so for those not requiring the speeds of fibre higher speeds of up to 20mbps are available.



Just before leaving the engineers to get on with their work, Claire and Kate managed a big smile for the camera as they thanked Stuart for explaining the workings inside the new box!

Bigger images of all the pictures are easily available simply by clicking on the photos themselves, and again when they open in a new window.


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