27 January, 2020

District & County

Parish v District v County

Strictly speaking North Yorkshire is a two tier county. Within North Yorkshire County Council are 5 district councils (Ryedale, Craven, Hambleton, Richmondshire and Selby) and 2 borough councils (Harrogate and Scarborough). There are also two National Park Authorities, (North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales). York City Council has been a unitary authority area since 1996.

Parishes are seen as being the unofficial third or “grass roots” tier. Very small parishes are a Parish Meeting, larger ones Parish Councils and even larger ones are sometimes known as Town Councils. Their functions and running costs differ widely. They are responsible for services like allotments, war memorials and burial grounds (all parishes) to public toilets, parks and ponds, local halls and community centres and much more.

County councils cover large areas and provide most public services, including schools, social services, public transportation and highways maintenance to name a few.

District councils cover smaller areas and provide more local services, including the collection of council tax, local planning, waste collection, and the administration of housing and council tax benefits. Borough councils have the same role as district councils.

Further information can be found on the direct.gov.uk website  or under local government structure.

Broughton Parish Meeting comes under Ryedale District Council which in turn falls within the area known as North Yorkshire County Council.

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