27 January, 2020

North Yorks CC

North Yorkshire is England’s largest rural county with a population of almost 600,000 covering 3,000 square miles.

There are many ways of contacting North Yorkshire County Council  either direct via the website or by:

  • Email:customer.services@northyorks.gov.uk
  • Tel: 08458 72 73 74
  • Fax: 01609 532009

The County Council regularly carries out consultations which can be accessed via a link on the first page of the website.  It may be worth checking on a regular basis to see if any of them have relevance to our area.  Usually the consultation period lasts a month.

The website acts as a pointer to other services as well as those provided by the County Council.

Included in the services are Transport and Highways.  NYCC is responsible for some 9,000 kilometres of roads and their associated foot-ways. There are also some 2000 bridges and 45,000 streetlights to maintain. Motorways and trunk roads, eg the A1 and the A 64, are the responsibility of the Highways Agency.


Reporting something like a pothole or asking for gritting can be done on-line by using one of the links as shown on the first page of the website.

The site includes web-cams, including one on Sutton Bank,  to allow you to look at road conditions before setting off for your journey. There is also a map showing road surface temperatures.

Business and Environmental Services includes the Trading standards service which gives advice to business,  as well as consumers,  on a wide range of issues. Among them is food labelling, faulty goods, utilities and Internet shopping.

Under Environment is waste disposal including the provision of household re-cycling sites, animal welfare which is mainly concerned with farming and livestock, the countryside and conservation of the landscape and building.

The Countryside Service aims to help maintain and enhance the environment and heritage and to ‘ensure access for all’. It has a range of specialists including those in archaeology and ecology as well as countryside management. It is responsible for maintaining the county’s extensive network of public rights of way and for managing areas of open access. There are over 170 Countryside Volunteers who support the work of the service which maintains and updates the Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way.

Community and Living includes the facility to apply on-line (look for link further down first page)  for a blue badge; copies of birth/marriage/death certificates; or to join a library as well as the North Yorkshire Credit Union.

Credit Union

The NY Credit Union is a local financial co-operative which is alternative to banks and building societies. It is owned and controlled by its members and provides straightforward savings and loans products for people living and working in North Yorkshire and York. Members’ savings create a pool of money from which loans may be made to other members; in return members get an annual dividend on their savings. By using the services of a credit union people are helping to recycle money in their local community.

Education is another service most often associated with the NYCC. It provides an education for life through the provision of early years’ education, schools, adult learning and the youth service. Leisure and Culture services complement the education service with for example the provision of libraries and the extensive records and archive department.

NYCC is also responsible for what is referred to as Social Services including provision of care, fostering and adoption of children as well as providing care in the community.

Details on all the services provided by NYCC can be found on its website.

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