20 September, 2021

Officers, Cllrs, MPs

In this section under the separate page headings attached to this page are contact details for:

  •  Officers of Broughton Parish Meeting;
  • Ryedale District Councillor for the ward which includes Broughton;
  • North Yorkshire County Councillor for the ward which includes Broughton;
  • MP for the constituency covering Broughton and the MEPS who are responsible for an area including Broughton.

The parish clerk or the parish chairman should be the first point of contact for anything involving Broughton itself.   The clerk should also be able to advise on who to contact if it is not a matter that could be dealt with by the Parish meeting.

The parish clerk declines to be contacted via the website.  However the chairman is happy to substitute and can be contacted direct under Contact Us.

The Ryedale District Councillor should be contacted for issues involving services provided by Ryedale District Council, details of which can be found on its extensive website.  The North Yorkshire County Councillor should be contacted for issues relating to services provided by North Yorkshire County Council.  Again there is an extensive website.

The district and county councils also signpost each other’s services on their websites.

Brief introductions to both Ryedale District Council and the North Yorkshire County Council are included on this site.

Where an issue concerns Government policy or where others have been unable to help, the MP may be able to assist.   Often a letter signed by an MP can speed up the solving of problems which may arise in a variety of different areas.

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