9 April, 2020

Bus Subsidies

Below is a copy of a letter to Broughton Parish Meeting from North Yorkshire County Council:

Dear Parish Councillor/Stakeholder

Bus Subsidy Reductions

As you are no doubt aware we introduced changes to our contracted services in April 2014 to reduce the amount we spend on subsidising bus services in North Yorkshire.

Further announcements by the Government over future funding mean that the council now needs to find a further estimated £75.9m between 2015 and 2019. We have therefore been asked to look at how we might reduce the amount of subsidy for local bus services to £1.5m every year from April 2016.

We have put together proposals which aim to make the best use of the funding available to us to provide services which meet the day-to-day transport needs of local communities. Our proposals can be found at www.northyorks.gov.uk/bussubsidy and we would be grateful if you could let us have your comments on the proposals.

It is important that we engage as many residents in the consultation as possible and we are asking for your help in raising awareness in your community. It would be helpful if you could discuss this matter at the next meeting of your council and encourage individuals to complete our on line questionnaire.

A timetable of key dates is included in the consultation document and a final decision will not be made until February 2016 after careful consideration of the results of the consultation. If the proposals are approved for implementation the changes will be effective from April 2016 onwards.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide any further information or advice

Yours sincerely

Catherine Price

Mrs Catherine Price, Passenger Transport Integration Manager, North Yorkshire County Council.

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