20 September, 2021

Three Parishes Cemetery

Broughton does not have its own cemetery but shares the one at Amotherby. It is  titled “The Three Parishes Cemetery” as it serves the civil parishes of Amotherby, Swinton and Broughton.

All three parishes provided the money to buy the land.  Under the legal agreement,  made at the time,  all three are jointly responsible for covering any costs associated with running the cemetery.  In October 1994 Broughton Parish Meeting agreed to contribute £1,000 towards the purchase of land to form a new burial ground.

Amotherby Parish Council acts as the Burial Authority and runs the cemetery on behalf of the three villages.  It  requests money from all three parishes  to cover costs. To date these have not been great as maintenance has been carried out voluntarily and burial charges have covered insurance premiums, but this situation may well change in the future.

A Parish Meeting is defined as a burial authority by virtue of section 214(1) of the Local Government Act 1972.  It has the power to make contributions towards the expenses incurred by any other person in providing or maintaining a cemetery in which the inhabitants of the authority’s area may be buried.  As the Parish Meeting has the power to make contributions, it  can precept for this expenditure.

AGW 2011

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