30 June, 2022

Noticeboard (PM)

An important feature in any parish - the noticeboard (Ann Wilson 2005)

An important feature in any parish – the noticeboard (Ann Wilson 2005)

The village noticeboard is traditonally the primary method of communication for any parish.

But thanks to advancing technology and increasing numbers of computer owners, the internet is rapidy becoming at least an equally important way of getting across information to the general public.

Provided a website is visited often enough, it can also provide a far speedier method, a boon when information needs to be spread rapidly among as many people as possible.

Village noticeboards are  also used by many others for displaying a variety of posters.  As the photo below of Broughton’s noticeboard clearly shows, displaying poster on top of poster can lead to many being hidden.  This is particularly concerning when it is important parish notices that are covered up.

Consequently Broughton Parish Meeting is now endeavouring to keep the left hand side of the board soley for use for its formal notices.

It is on the noticeboard, sited on Main Street (Moor Lane) that agendas, minutes of meetings and the annual financial statement as well as information, such as road closures for road works, notification of forthcoming meetings for either the District or County Council as well as paperwork concerning elections are displayed.  Consequently it is well worth visiting on a regular basis.

Until it is better known, this website can be seen as an additional communication tool rather than a substitute for the village noticeboard.