21 July, 2024



Mabel pulls a sledge made by Ken Luck past the old buildings which were once Broughton House and then Oak Farm stackyard in 1978.
Ken with Mabel harnessed to a cart by Manor Farm in 1979, the year she found fame at Pebble Mill.

Mabel was a television star!

 When Pebble Mill featured the Mule Society they wanted more than just a human representative. Ken and Dawn were asked to step in and took Mabel, together with their 11 year old son Paul, down to the studios in the Midlands.
Mabel was persuaded to use a lift to reach the set where she made her grand entrance with Paul in the saddle. Their appearance also featured on the regional news programme Look North.
Mabel was only 4 years old when Ken rescued her from being slaughtered in about 1978. She was soon trained to pull small carts as well as the sledge used for transporting hay in the snow.