21 July, 2024

Minutes and Agendas

Minutes are taken of  meetings.  Rules on signature and admissibility are the same as those for a parish council. Minutes have to be accepted by the meeting as a true record and then signed as being a true record by the chairman. This happens early in meetings.

Minutes are a public record of the meeting and the decisions made and should give the status of the meeting, the place and date.  It is seen as good practice to produce minutes as quickly as possible after the meeting.

Publishing minutes soon after a meeting means they will not yet have been approved by a meeting.

Traditionally minutes are written in a book – Broughton has minutes dating back to 1897 in this format.  These minutes have been scanned at a much higher resolution than is normal for a website so may take a bit longer to open.  The sharpness of the writing is not very good – they were written with a fountain pen so the ink was absorbed into the paper.  They form an intersting archive for Broughton and offer an insight into life in the early part of the 20th C.

Since 2005 Broughton’s minutes have been typed up.  For a period only AGM minutes were handwritten in a minutes book.  Minutes for ordinary/business meetings being typed up and kept both as a hard copy in a folder with electronic copies also retained.  This website offers yet another form of storage.

Photos of these old books form a separate page.

Minutes have been split into separate pages for 20thC and 21st C.