21 July, 2024

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Queen Victoria’s  Jubilee Tree

The sycamore tree, which stood at the junction of Breedycroft Lane with the B1257, was thought to be over 130 years old when it was felled on the on the 25th November 2010.

Queen Victoria acceded to the throne on the 20th June 1837. Her Coronation was the following year on the 28th June.

Her Golden Jubliee was marked in June 1887 as was her Diamond Jubilee in June 1897.

Initial inspection of a section of the sycamore indicated there were 130 rings. This  suggests it may have commemorated her Golden Jubilee as it would probably have been a few years old when planted.

The health of the tree was of concern going back to 2003-2004.  Minutes from the Parish Meeting of March 2004 state:  Because of poor condition of the tree (crown dead) together with reduced visibility for traffic emerging from Beadycroft Lane, agreed the clerk should write to Highways (Peter Renshaw, Maintenance) requesting the tree be felled.

Highways were to reply that as it was a parish tree it was not their responsibility.

The tree was also looked at by Ryedale District Counci’s tree officer John Clayton who took photographs for the parish.  He confirmed the poor state of the tree.

In October 2004 the Parish Meeting received estimates for clearing out the dead wood.  The job was given to David Bayes of Barton Le Street.  It was noted that the site was left neat and tidy.   It was agreed a watch be kept on the tree.  If there were further signs of die back, then a the need to have it felled would be considered.

Towards the end of the decade extensive works in the area were carried out by Yorkshire Water Authority.  In October 2010 the parish clerk John Horsman reported to the Parish Meeting that the tree had been condemned by a tree specialist and needed to be felled.

Chairman John Lund felt that if a tree was to be removed, the parish should think about replacing it with at least one other tree.

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