21 July, 2024


Potter family at Oak Farm.

People both present and past are featured in this section.  But people also feature in the section headed Places as it was easier and often made more sense to include the occupants when writing about individual properties.

I hope this does not prove confusing.

Anyone in Broughton who wishes to be included is invited to submit written details as well as photographs.

The photo is of Potter family who lived at Oak Farm which was re-named by John Potter who was also the owner of the Royal Oak in Malton.  The Potters intermarried with both the Lund and Raines families.

The photograph shows from the left at the back:  Mary, John William Studley and his wife Marie, Rene and Les.  Front from the left, Nancy, known as Nip holding a cat and Ken.

People featured on photographs of several people are given their own page head Group Photos.

Photos of Broughton residents, especially older ones, are very welcome.   They can be scanned and returned immediately. 

AGW 2011