25 September, 2020

Parish Accounts


Parish accounts not only explain to residents how their money is being spent, historically they also provide an valuable insight into parish life.

From 1922 to 1968 the role of chairman, secretary and treasurer was done by Arthur Ford.   He was succeeded as secretary and treasurer by Charles T Lund who in turn was succeeded by his son Richard Lund until ill health forced him to retire in 2012.

Looking at the old minutes it is clear there were a lot of monetary transactions. In 1956 the parish was so wealthy it was decided to ask the District Auditor if  “some of it could be used for a village hall seeing as there was no place to have meetings or any functions.”

Unfortunately former treasurer Richard Lund stated he was unable to locate any of the old  accounts books.

The role of treasurer is currently being undertaken by the parish clerk John Horsman.

Currently the Parish Meeting refuses to publish even the annual balance.

How to find out out Broughton’s finances

From the minutes of Broughton Parish Meeting on 31.10.13….information as supplied by the clerk and treasurer John Horsman.

“JL was disappointed to report that the website was showing accounts for the Parish. He pointed out to the Meeting that Broughton’s finances were freely available to anyone who turned up to a Meeting or anyone who asked of the Chairman or the Clerk but it had long been agreed (April 2004) that accounts/financial details would not be shown on the noticeboard. He now asked for this to include the website. The Meeting concurred.”

The clerk’s address and an email address for parish business is published on the noticeboard.

Accounts ending 31st March 2002 (PDF, 100k)

Accounts ending 31st March 2003 (PDF, 77k)

Accounts ending 31st March 2004 (PDF, 196k)

Accounts ending 31st March 2005 (PDF, 65k)

Acccounts ending 31st March 2006 (PDF, 80k)

Accounts ending 31st March 2007 (PDF, 120k)

Accounts ending 31st March 2008 (PDF, 121k)

Accounts ending 31st March 2009 (PDF, 84k)

Accounts ending 31st March 2010 (PDF, 104k)

Accounts ending 31st March 2011 (PDF, 63k)

No further accounts.






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