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Dawn and Ken give Megan a groom (AGW 2011)MeMegan was another of Ken and Dawn’s  rescue animals.

Megan was aged about 4 when she arrived in Broughton just after the Millennium (2000).

She was extremely nervous and terrified of people.

Within a couple of years of loving care she learnt to trust humans and before long gained many admirers, adults as well as children.

Although thought of as a mule, Megan is a hinny as her mum was a donkey and her dad a pony;  a mule is out of a donkey stallion and a pony mare.

Megan gives her well known sideways look (AGW)

Megan gives her well known sideways look (AGW)

Summer means long lazy days in a field where she can gallop and roll – in the winter months Megan gets her daily exercise when Ken takes her for a walk up and down the main street, stopping occasionally to allow Megan’s fans to say hello and offer a carrot or apple.

AGW 2011


Broughton lost one of its best-loved characters when Megan went to spend the rest of her days at the Red Wings Horse Sanctuary.  Ken and Dawn sadly decided they could no longer provide the care to the high standards Megan became used to under their guardianship.  Redwings pledges not to re-home and they wanted to be sure that Megan would spend the rest of her life well cared-for in safe and secure surroundings.  Losing her from the village will be a big loss to adults and children alike who enjoyed stopping off at Megan’s field with carrots and apples to add to one of her favourite foods – hawthorn hedging!  She will be remembered for a long time by many of her friends.

Megan left Broughton on the 27th November 2013.

AGW 2013.