21 July, 2024


Welcome to Broughton Parish Website.  A new venture, we hope it will be a big success. This will depend mainly on the input of people from the parish.  We welcome any news/facts about the parish, especially historical memories. Photographs are particularly welcome. We hope that what we have already acquired will be of interest and just the start of greater things to come.

This is a new way of recording history that hopefully will not deteriorate or get lost as things have done in the past.

We also hope the website will encourage residents to take a greater interest in parish affairs and inspire them to come to our meetings where they are allowed to fully take part as all Parish Meetings are open meetings.

It would be nice if people came to see what goes on and take part in the decision making in the running of the parish. We don’t have a pub or a village shop so there are no natural meeting places for people to get to know each other – the parish meeting can be a way for everyone to get together.

We are lucky we have a main street that goes no-where so nearly all traffic is village-generated. We hope people take a pride in their village, help to keep it tidy and are neighbourly.