20 July, 2024


There seems to be little evidence that the Romans settled in our area but the “Street” was a Roman Road and Broughton is situated only 1 ½ miles from Malton which was a Roman fort so there must have been some influence from the Romans.

According to “The Parisi “by Herman Ramm this was the tribe that occupied our area when the Romans arrived in the first century AD. Their territory stretched from the Humber, over the Wolds to Malton and the Vale of Pickering. He suggests that the Parisi, whose other lands were in France giving their name to the capital Paris, were not against the Romans occupying their land ,possibly because the Parisi had knowledge of the Romans and their advanced way of life and also protection against neighbouring tribes such as the Brigantes who were more warlike.

The 1854 map of the area shows in fields near Flowery Bank “numerous Sepulchral Urns Found Here” which are supposed to be in the Museum in York. It is suggested that these burials were not Roman but possibly Angles.

The History of Malton and Norton by N A Hudleston states:-

“The Anglian Settlements were not planned invasions like the Roman and Norman ones, but started as arrangements with “federated” tribes; whose burials are found locally in cemeteries adjoining the Roman ones at York and also beside the Roman road on Malton Street through the street villages west of Malton”

Glen Stott