21 July, 2024

Kelly’s PDFs

Jeff Paulin offered photocopies of pages of Kelly’s Trade Directories for scanning which had to be done as a PDF.  As the photocopies are themselves old the quality of the scans is limited.  These photocopies were used for most of the information contained in the page headed Victorians.

1857 Kelly’s TD, (PDF, 270k)

1872 Kelly’s TD (PDF, 178k)

1897 Kelly’s TD (PDF, 162k)

1889 Kelly’d TD (PDF, 390k)

1897 Kelly’s TD (PDF, 177k)

1905 Kelly’s TD (PDF, 295k)

1913 Kelly’s TD (PDF, 258k)

1933 Kelly’s TD (PDF, 400k)

1937 Kelly’s TD (PDF, 447k)

AGW 2011