21 July, 2024

Royal Celebrations 20C

Some photos have already surfaced of celebrations to mark past Royal events.  New ones are always welcome. Photos can be scanned (in the presence of the owner if wanted) and immediately returned.  Names where possible are appreciated.

Meanwhile anyone who can fill in the gaps on the photos used below is asked to please contact me by using the contact web editor email facility.  Likewise anyone spotting a photo in another section of the website which they recognise as being a Royal celebration please let me know so it too can be added to this page.

Clicking on the photos should take you to another page where by once again clicking on the photo it may be possible to view a larger version, depending on the size of the original.


Queen Victoria’s Jubilee 1897.

The sycamore tree, which stood at the junction of Breedycroft Lane with the B1257, may have been  planted to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee  as some 130 rings were counted when it was felled on the 25th November 2010.

Up to now that tree is the oldest known connection with a Royal Celebration.  While it’s stump is still clearly visible there is also a 4 stone 4 feet wide section of the trunk currently in the safe keeping of John Lund, chairman of Broughton Parish. The felling of the tree was also filmed by a resident.


King George V and Queen Mary’s Silver Jubilee  May 1935.

This was celebrated by sports in the cricket field (in front of Oak Farm) with fancy dress, decorated bikes and prams and games etc.

Among those celebrating were the Paulin family from Flowery Bank.  Photos kindly supplied by Jeff Paulin.


Wilf Paulin with his decorated pram and Jeff Paulin and Ivy Lucas (Jeff's first sweetheart!)                                                                                     

Wilf Paulin with his decorated pram and Jeff Paulin and Ivy Lucas (Jeff's first sweetheart!)

John Paulin with his decorated bike at the King George V Jubilee celebrations.


There are other photos, which seem to tie in with the same celebrations, the first two supplied again by Jeff Paulin with the one of the Lund family provided by John Lund.


Villagers celebrate in Oak Farm stackyard - far right Ivy Lucas (JP)

Tom Lund with his son Norman (known as Bronc). Ada Alice at rear.

Comic cricket team (JP)




King George V and Queen Elizabeth Coronation 1937

Again there were celebrations in the cricket field but there are no photos of this event, although it is possible the comic cricket team, photo above, came from this event rather than the Jubilee.


Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 1953

Once again saw the cricket field as the hub of celebrations although planned sports events had to be cancelled because of bad weather.  But this did not stop a supper being served in the Pavillion.  Sadly so far there are no photos of this event.


Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977

Only a couple of photos have surfaced so far.




From the left:

David Newman and Catherine Kitchen inside the cracker, Jackie Kitchen and Philip Bayes as the wizzard,

Alison Bayes, a young girl,  Andrew Gullon.

Photo supplied by Sue Sleightholme.





1977 Silver Jubilee Celebrations - pictured by the petrol pump at the home of Jo Bigg on the corner of Main Street and Manor Park.




Ken Luck (who provided the photo) with his children Jane and Paul pictured on one of their ponies at the old petrol pump on the corner of Manor Park.







Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana 29th July 1981

Photos are  supplied by Sue Sleightholme.



Back row from left:   Louise Chandler, Caroline Saul, Stephen Denny, Darren Craggs, Darren Sawdon, Gary Turner, David Newman, Miss Hamilton (?) Tracey Cook.

Third row from left:  Richard Denny, Philip Bayes, Ian Roger, Des Craggs, Janine Cook, Cheryl Turner, Debbie Tong, Nicola Watson.

Second row from left:  Jane Luck, Miss Hamilton (?), Malcolm Saul, Daryl Craggs, Alison Bayes.

Front row from left:  Paul Watson, Beth Sedman (sucking thumb), Rachel Prest, Mark Lund, James Lund, Polly Barnard.









Girls tug of war pulling on the rope from the left:

 Janine Cook, Alison Bayes, Debbie Tong, Cheryl Turner, Nicola Watson, Jane Luck, Janet Newman.

Others we can name are behind tug of war: Malcolm Saul, Miss Atkinson (?) with arms folded, John Atkinson and Ian Hamilton.








Known names are at the back:

Jeff and the late Margaret Paulin (bungalow end on left), George Saul, Tom Newman, Richard Lund.

Foreground from left:

Gary Turner, Richard Denny, Nicola Watson, Andrew Saul and Malcolm Saul.


Any queries/objections re these photos please contact Sue on 01653 693779.







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