20 July, 2024

Tributes to Alan

Alan Ray Hacker, world renowned musician, died on the 16th April 2012.


A 90-minutes long celebration of Alan’s life – 30th September 1938 to 16th April 2012 – was held at the East Riding Crematorium with many tributes from friends and family.

Former pupils are among those who have contributed tributes to Alan and Margaret’s page on this website.



Double-clicking on the two photographs above will take you to a slightly larger version of the order-of-service sheet.

National newspapers and the music press printed obituraries, with articles in the  local papers.

The Yorkshire Post, the Malton and Pickering Mercury and the Gazette and Herald have all kindly given explicit permission to reproduce the pieces they printed.





The Yorkshire Post (pdf)






The Malton and Pickering Mercury (pdf)  






The Gazette and Herald (pdf)   




Clicking on the thumbnail photographs will take you to a larger version.  However they are not easy to read.  Beside each photograph is a pdf of the same piece…. simply click on the highlighted newspaper name.


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