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Charles and Rene Lund

Charles T Lund

Charles Lund (06.12.1907 – 13.08.1996)

Rene Lund ( 07.05.1909 – 10.01.08)

Charles took over the running of Manor Farm following his marriage in 1932.  For a short time Rene had worked in Scarborough in haberdashery.

At the outbreak of the 2nd World War he  was forced to plough out the grassland and convert the fields to food productio,  keeping a much reduced herd of cows which were retained until 1957.

The farm was used as a training ground for the Home Guard which was learning to fire 12 bore shotguns. Charles served as Captain. Disinterested in either fishing or shooting,  he loved horses.  But although Rene owned her horse, one was borrowed for Charles.

Charles was appointed the Broughton parish representative on the Malton Rural District Council in 1967.  In 1968 he became secretary and treasurer of the newly formed Broughton Parish Meeting but is thought not to have enjoyed this role, resigning in 1977.

When he retired from the farm, his neat handwriting gained him a part-time job. He worked for 10-12 years  for Geoff Dunn and Philip Place as a clerk at Boulton and Cooper’s auction sales.

Charles and Rene Lund marry at St Helen's, Amotherby

Marriage to Rene

His marriage on 30.3.32 at St Helens, Amotherby, joined two village farming families. His bride Irene (Rene) Thompson Potter was born in a bedroom at Oak Farm, the daughter of John W. S Potter and Mary Emma Potter nee Stephenson. She had two brothers, Les and Ken, and two sisters Mary and Nancy.

Thought originally to also be a Manor Farm, their grandfather John Potter renamed the farm after the pub he owned in Malton’s Market Place, The Royal Oak.  He was noted for being a champion curler. The Potter’s moved out in 1934 when it was bought by Guy Raines who was married to Annie Potter, Rene’s aunt.

Charles and Rene had 3 children, Patricia, born 02.04.1933;  John, born 18.01.1936 and Richard born 19.10.1945.  Each was born in the same bedroom at the east end of Manor Farm.

All three went to Malton Infants School in Wentworth Street followed by the Wesleyan Chapel in Greengate, Malton.  John carried on to the National School in St Michael Street while Pat progressed to the Grammar School.  Richard was among the first  pupils to go to Malton Secondary Modern, later studying on an engineering course at York Technical College.  John also went to York Tech, almost completing a building course. He learnt to be a painter and decorator as well as a bricklayer, plumber and joiner – the latter forging a lifelong interest in working with wood.

Pat initially helped Ruth Raines (wife of Alan Raines)  at Oak Farm followed by a job in the laboratories at Rowntree’s Chocolate Factory in York.  A career woman,  she worked with another York firm before going to Oxford.  Here she joined the laboratories at the Radcliffe Hospital doing research for the British Medical Society.  She worked in America in an underwater laboratory before returning to the UK where at the age of 52 she married Keith Maddox. Having worked in the Caribbean for 25 years, Keith eventually set up his own commodities exporting company in Britain,  focusing on the Caribbean.  This meant many business trips to that area for the couple.  After the Millennium they retired to France.

Richard and John initially worked together on Manor Farm. John left in 1964.  Richard went on to work initially only part time,  but then full time,  at Oak Farm for Alan Raines.  In January 1973 he became a store man in the agricultural machinery department of Ralph Yates in Railway Street, moving with them to a new depot on Showfield Lane.  This was later taken over by Russells of Kirkbymoorside.  Richard married Julie Owston of Swinton on 15.03.73.  They had two children, James born 16.11.76 and Mark born 7.5.78.  For a time they lived at 3 Flowery Bank, Broughton before moving to Norton. A keen bowls player for Swinton, Richard was one of the first committee members of the Broughton, Swinton and Amotherby Sports Centre and for many years treasurer for Broughton Parish Meeting.

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