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Thomas Stephenson and Ada Alice Lund

Hill Top, built in 1931 for £800 by Thomas Stephenson Lund. (AGW 2011)

Jubilee Day – Tom Lund (left)  with his son Norman (known as Bronc). Ada Alice at rear. (Lund)

Thomas Stephenson Lund (30.6.1881-1956)

 Ada Alice Lund (09.09.1883-12.01.1976).

Thomas Stephenson Lund succeeded his father Charles Boulton Lund as a trainer running the racing stables at Spring Cottage in Langton Road, Norton.  He also broke-in horses for the Army. 

Ada Alice, nee Flight, who was always known by the family as Granny, came from the Beverley area.

Manor Farm was bought in 1924 from William Cooper of Boulton and Cooper (see Historical Ownerships).  Included in the sale were the four  farm-workers’ cottages known as White Cottages.  Thomas Lund bought three of the White Cottages (3, 4 and 5). Two of them  housed workers who had worked for Mr Cooper.  They were still needed to work on the farm.  The cottages were sold  in the 1950s for about £200 each. They were bought by Fred and Amis England, bachelors from the Luttons.

The 125 acres Manor Farm stretched to within a field of the River Rye.  It  provided grasslands for a herd of Friesians.  Two cow houses held a total of some 30 cows.  They provided milk for the horse drawn cart delivery round run by Ada.  She was selling milk door-to-door in Norton before the move to Broughton.

Hunting, shooting and fishing

Thomas was a man who enjoyed hunting, shooting and fishing.  Ada was the brains and driving force, keeping a very firm rein on the farm business.  The firm hand remained until her death in January 1976, even when the farm was run by her son Charles.

Thomas and Ada had two sons, Charles Thomas Lund born in 1907 and Norman Lund born 1909.  Educated at Bridlington Boys School, a boarding school, Charles was 18 and Norman 16 when they moved to Broughton.  Both worked on the farm until Charles’ marriage in 1932 when he was left in Manor Farm as the “reluctant farmer”. 

Thomas, Ada and Norman moved out into Hill Top built for them at a cost of £800 in 1931.  With its paddock running alongside the B1257 down to Breedycroft Lane, the set-up also had a garage selling petrol.  Later Thomas and Ada moved into 1 Mount Crescent, Malton where Ada remained after the death in 1956 of Thomas.

Norman joined the Merchant Navy, serving during the 2nd World War.  Torpedoed twice he was shipwrecked 3 times. In 1935 he married Winnie Wheater of Old Malton. They became tenants of the Grapes Inn at Slingsby, with Winnie running the pub while Norman was at sea. They left this in the 40’s, but returned to the licensed trade in the mid 60’s to become the tenants of the Spotted Cow in Malton which they ran until the late 1970s.

On being de-mobbed Norman joined the LNER working at Levisham station as a signalman. Later he worked as a tanker driver delivering diesel to farms.

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