21 July, 2024

B1257 photos

21stC view of where the parish cottages once stood (AGW 2011)

Building work starts on site of parish cottages (Lund)
Parish cottages coming down 1990 (Lund)
Parish cottages – also shows red phone box and edge of the stone bus shelter (Lund)
Flowery Bank 2005 (Ann Wilson)
Rear of Flowery Bank 2005 (Ann Wilson)
Village sign 2005 (Ann Wilson)
Ashdale 2005 (Ann Wilson)
Once the cricket field (Ann Wilson, 2005)
Cattle in Ashdale 2005 (Ann Wilson)
Quarry Farm 2005 (Ann Wilson)
Some of the newer houses (Ann Wilson 2005)
Gayle House (AGW 2011)
Hill Top (AGW 2011)
Boswell House (AGW 2011)
Looking west from Boswell House (Ann Wilson, 2005)
Looking east from Boswell House (Ann Wilson 2001)
Looking from Breedycroft Lane to Main Street (AGW 2011)
Looking from Breedycroft Lane towards Malton (AGw 2011)