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BSA Sports Hall

Closest public view from within Broughton parish of the Sports Hall. (AGW)

Born out of the desire of Swinton brothers Dave and Derek Cuthbertson to find a permanent home for Amotherby and Swinton Football Club, the BSA Sports Hall is a charitable organisation run by a management committee of volunteers.

There is also a Sports and Social Club, which runs the bar and lounge area.   All profits have to be ploughed back for the benefit of the Sports Hall.

Buying the plot of land,  made available by Swinton farmer John Harrison,  and funding the building  required setting up the Swinton and District Playing Fields Association.  This was partly so grants and other funding could be sought. It was also one of the conditions laid down by the Charity Commissioners.

Both the Foundation for Sport and the Arts and Football Association gave substantial grants with Ryedale District Council also gave a grant.

Meetings in villages

Although meetings were held in all three villages to test locals’ feelings about having a sports complex, neither Swinton Parish Council nor Amotherby Parish Council gave donations.  However Broughton Parish Meeting, having come into sizeable funds following the sale of two derelict cottages, offered an outright donation of £3,000 and a £10,000 loan, interest free and repaid after several years at a low rate.  This enabled the Sports Hall to both extend to provide a storage area,  and allowed the purchase of more land for future expansion when it became available in the years following the Sports Hall opening in 1995/1996.

Ensuring the Charity Commission’s rules were correctly adhered to was the late John Atkinson, a Broughton solicitor. He became the SDPFA’s first secretary. He was seen as a major player in those early days. Broughton also provided two of the four trustees, Jeff Paulin and the late George Saul. However one of the other trustees, Jerry Cooper, later moved into Broughton.

Broughton representation

Broughton was also well represented from the start on the committees with Richard Lund and Peter Galtry who still serve; John Horsman, now retired; and David Watson who moved from the area.

Chairman Dave Cuthbertson explained that they were always looking for new people to join the management committee which can have a maximum of 15 members.

“We are always looking for new ideas and urge anyone interested to come forward. It would be especially great if younger people want to become involved with the management side instead of just playing sport,” he said, adding that committee members did not need to be actively involved in any of the sports.

Use of the Hall

The hall has a sprung wooden floor while the playing fields cater for football and hockey in winter and cricket in the summer.

Amotherby and Swinton Football Club, Swinton Indoor Bowls Club, the BSA netball team and the Swinton and Broughton Cricket Team are among those initial sports clubs which are still based at the Sports Hall. Another was the Coneysthorpe Badminton Club, although this now has more local members. The venue has also been regularly used by the police for their training.

Indoors sports also include the very popular 5-a-side football, basketball and volleyball.

Use of the Sports Hall is not restricted to the residents of the three villages but is open to anyone. Neither is it necessary to be a member of the Sports Social Club although people are encouraged to become members of the Sports and Social Club which costs £5 a year.

Location and how to contact

Situated at the northern end of Swinton, the Sports Hall is accessible from Broughton via a public footpath leading westwards from the Gatehouse as well as via either East Street or West Street in Swinton.

Further details/advice are available by telephoning 01653 690807,  preferably between 7pm – 10pm on weekdays;  or 3pm – 5pm on Saturdays.

Outside of these times an answerphone is likely to be in operation. Messages left will be dealt with by a committee member.

Alternately visit the Sports Hall when in use.

The Sports Hall was invited to submit further details re clubs using the hall but these are still awaited.

AGW 2011

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