27 January, 2020

21stC Minutes

Minutes since 2000 are given in decades.  Once AGMs and Ordinary meetings are in typed format, the AGMs are listed separately from the Ordinary meetings.

Please note, the clerk John Horsman states that the minutes have been “doctored” to remove all financial information.  Anyone wishing to see this would need to contact the clerk or the chairman John Lund (see below the minutes of the Business Meeting held on 31.10.2013).


2010 to 2019

 AGM 28.04.2010 (PDF, 12k)    AGM and Business Meeting

27.10.10 (PDF, 18k)    (Business Meeting)

 AGM 18.04.2011 (PDF, 183k)

18.04.2011 (PDF, 539k)  (Business Meeting)

26.10.2012 (PDF 1,938k)  (Business Meeting)

AGM 12.04.12  (PDF 455k) 

12.04.2012 (PDF 22k) (Business Meeting)

12.04.12 Standing Orders adopted at the Business Meeting of same date (PDF 869k) 

25.10.2012 (PDF 1088k)   (Business Meeting)

18.04.2013 AGM (PDF  7k) (AGM)

18.04.2013 Business Meeting (PDF 18 k) (Business Meeting)

Update to minutes April 2013 detailing actions taken by clerk John Horsman.

Bus Meet 31.10  PDF (Business Meeting)


ANNUAL MEETING 17TH APRIL 2014 – Copy (pdf)


BUSINESS MEETING 30.10  2014 (pdf)

Business Meeting 16.4 2015 (pdf)

Annual Meeting 16.4 2015 (pdf)


Standing Orders

To make it easier for readers to see the Standing Orders and compare/seek changes, the original Standing Orders and any amendments to those are listed here (they are simply copies of how they appear in date order above.)


Standing Orders 2012 adopted at the Business Meeting of same date (Pdf 869k). (2012)




2000 to 2009

2000 & 2001 (PDF, 432k)

2002 & 2003 (PDF, 1427k)

2003 & 2004 (PDF, 871k)

AGMS 2003 to 2009                                                                               Ordinary Meetings

AGM 13.05.2003  (PDF, 10k)                              None

AGM 29.04.2004 (PDF, 9k)                               29.04.2004 (PDF, 23k)                    25.10. 2004 (PDF, 21k)

AGM 23.05.2005 (PDF, 10k)                              07.03.2005 (PDF, 27k)                   24.10.2005 (PDF, 35k)

AGM 24.04.2006 (PDF, 9k)                               24.04.2006 (PDF, 19k)                    25.10.2006 (PDF, 17k)

AGM 02.05.2007 (PDF, 10k)                              02.05.2007 (PDF, 24k)                    03.10.2007 (PDF, 19k)

AGM 07.05.2008 (PDF, 8k)                               07.05.2008 (PDF, 23k)                    01.10.2008 (PDF, 24k)

AGM 29.04.2009 (PDF, 9k)                              29.04.2009 (PDF, 25k)                    27.10.2009 (PDF, 383k)

AGM 29.04.2009  (PDF, 7k)             

There was an Extraordinary Meeting:         06.05.2004 (PDF, 8k)

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