18 September, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

Britain is being invited to mark the 60 years of the Queen’s reign by joining in the Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Principal national celebrations will centre around an extended weekend at the beginning of June with Bank Holidays on both Friday the 2nd (which is the end of May Bank Holiday moved for this occasion)  and an extra Bank Holiday on Monday 5th.

The Queen came to the throne on the 6th February 1952 with her Coronation held the following year on 2nd June 1953.

The last time there was a Diamond Jubilee was Queen Victoria’s in 1897.

The old sycamore tree at the junction of Breedycroft Lane and the B1257 was planted to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, possibly her Golden Jubilee as some 130 rings were counted.   A four-feet wide slice of the tree trunk is currently being cared for by Broughton Parish Chairman John Lund.

Should this section be preserved to mark our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?  If so, how should this be funded – via the Parish Meeting or separate public subscription?  And where should it be sited?

At the April Parish Meeting it was agreed that John Lund turn a section of the tree into a seat to be placed in the area of the Gatehouse below Manor Farm.

At the moment nothing is planned for any planting to commemorate the current Diamond Jubilee which may well be the only one for at least another century.  Should a tree be acquired for this celebration?  If so, what sort and where should it be planted?

The April Parish Meeting has agreed to plant a tree as well as acquire snowdrops.  Where they are to be planted is to be decided later.

Should everything be left to those few who run the Parish Meeting?  Or should residents get directly involved?

Up to now the Parish Meeting has agreed to provide a commemorative mug for every child/student up to Year 11 which clearly will be a wonderful memory for those receiving the mugs.

For the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in June 2002 Garry and Rosemary Reddihough, who at the time were new-comers to the village,  personally invited each household to a bring-and-eat food and drink event in their garden.

In the past other Royal celebrations  were marked with street parties and fancy dress parades.

Advice/information on how to organise eg street parties can be found on the Ryedale District Council website by following this link or this link.

There is also likely to be events arranged elsewhere – Broughton residents are often invited to join in events at nearby Swinton  – keeping an eye on Swinton’s newsletter should help inform you of what’s proposed.

If you feel Broughton should mark this occasion then this is a forum for you to put forward ideas to see if others are interested.

You can do this either by making comments below or contacting the web editor via the facility on the contact us page.

Suggestions and offers:

Garry and Rosemary Reddihough have kindly said they would be happy to provide the venue for a celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  They also suggest planting a tree in the area of the junction of Main Street with the B1257.

Mollie and Ray Tindall have come forward to offer their help (see comments below).  They also suggest that someone organise leaflets to put through doors asking people what they would like to have/what they are willing to do.

Who should do this?  Those who put themselves forward to serve on the Parish Meeting?  Or do they already do enough.  Should others come forward?

Her comments re the section of Jubilee Tree – all verges are owned by Highways.  Probably the only “communal area” is that where the noticeboard stands.  Again this is owned by Highways.


Broughton’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations were once again held at Oak Farm.  See photos on a dedicated page

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Picnic June 5th 2012 at Oak Farm.

 Celebrations in Swinton


The Boughton, Swinton and Amotherby Sports Centre will be the venue for some of the celebrations being staged in Swinton.

To see a larger version of this poster involves a pdf.

The Swinton newsletter also has news of events – click here for a direct link.








NB:  This page does not mean the web editor is offering to do any of the organising other than to provide a means of communication!

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