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The Raines family first settled in Ryedale in Appleton Le Street in the 1680’s. They then moved to Manor Farm, Ryton where they were tenant farmers. Guy Raines left when only 16 years old to take on Manor Farm at Barton Le Street in 1916. He was to add on other farms, buying Oak Farm, Broughton at auction in 1934. He lived there until 1946 when he returned to Barton Le Street.. His wife Annie died in the 1930s. They had 9 children.

Alan, born 1917, was the second youngest. He was given Oak Farm after marrying Ruth Harrison, born 1921 at Rayslack Farm, Settrington, one of 10 children.

Alan died 1989. Ruth Raines was murdered in Oak Farmhouse on the 20th December 1994.

They had two children, Guy born 1956 and Jillian born 1958.

Guy married in 1995 to Linda Hannington and they have 2 children, Kathrine born 1996 and George born 2002. Linda works part time for Carter Jonas, while Guy has always farmed.

Jillian married Edward Waterson and now lives in York.

Guy now farms 500 acres including Hessle House, Plantation Farm (bought 1973) and a bit of Woodhouse Farm, bought in 1997, although most of it wassold again in 2008. Other smaller pieces of land were also added to the mixed arable farm.

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