21 July, 2024

William Cooper

William Cooper owned a substantial part of Broughton before 1924 when two farms and four other lots were put up for sale. He began as office clerk but was then taken into partnership at Boulton and Cooper, Malton (originally an auction mart for sale of livestock)

John Lund of Manor Farm has the 1924  sale plans which would have been used when his grandfather Thomas Stephenson Lund bought Manor Farm, still then known as the Manor House.

 Thomas Stephenson Lund. He also bought part of Lot 3 which comprised 1 – 5 White Cottages, purchasing 3-5 which were sold in the 1950s for about £200 each to Fred and Amis England, bachelors from the Luttons.

Mr Cooper also owned Plantation Farm which lies on the south side of the B1257 between The Plantation and Broughton Lane as well as properties today known as Hindlea and Dhekelia. See here for photos of these properties.

It is not known when he bought the properties.

See photos of some of these properties as well as the sale plans.